Sunday, April 6, 2008

Christopher Haack

Hello and my best to everyone!

My apologies for taking so long to update Chris' website. I am especially sorry that the guest book has been up and down so frequently and then ultimately down altogether.

As you can see, the guest book is now a blog, and as such, will stay up indefinitely. Aside from added stability, you will find it now offers better formatting and is very user friendly. To return from this blog to, a link has been provided in the rightmost column.

As for Christopher's website, that too is being updated (not sure of the completion date). My goal is to reduce the amount of time spent on web design and use that time to add more content to I hope you like the new guest book and find the website is also an improvement.

Stay well and god bless,


Anonymous said...

I was deeply saddened by the news of Chris' death, which reached me in school on an otherwise mundane Thursday. I can't tell you how hard it hit me.

Your son was just a luminous kid-he was without a doubt my favorite student in 12 years at teaching. Chris was in my U.S. History class in 11th grade 2 years ago and I thought I would always have him, somehow, in my life-that he would always manage to keep in touch, say hello through Alicia, even long after he graduated.

In class he was a gift; so smart and funny I forgave him for everything he didn't do just because of his inherent talent and positive outlook. I always expected the wonderful from him (if not the dedication of the student he could have been).

He was the kind of student I wanted my own son to be-friends with everyone unfazed by popularity with the uninhibited confidence of a true original human being. I feel blessed to have had him in my life-though this is never what I expected for him, or you, who must grieve for him terribly. Such a beautiful thing comes along only once in a career like mine. I just needed to share my thoughts with you both-hoping that you see that even though I'm sure Chris was a source of real frustration for you, he brought joy to the lives of many other people. I'm lucky to have been among them.

My most heartfelt condolences to you and your family,

Rina Robinson

East Islip High School

Anonymous said...


I'll never fully accept the fact that you aren't going to walk through this room. You were invincible and will remain that way in my heart. The morning of your accident at about 3:00 am I had a dream that I was about to get into a terrible car accident. My heart was racing when I woke up, but I didn't sense that anything was wrong. I know now that nothing was wrong. You were telling me that everything was O.K., that you didn't need help. You always had everything figured out.

Now there are no more decisions, no more confusions you can just be Chris in a far more condusive environment. Enjoy the rest of your life in paradise. Promise to visit me every now and then, and watch over your mother, Shaun, and Clell; they need you. Shaun said something I'll never forget, "It's just a body in there, Chris is out here with us. "Nothing could be more true. Chris you never walked through anyone's life unnoticed and that's why you will never be forgotten.

You promised we would be neighbors. You promised the five of us would grow old together and our children would play together. Well you better keep your end of the bargain. We will be looking for you.

You've taken a part of me with you, a part I'm glad to give, keep it close to you. I'll check on your family and your dogs. Kanook is cute. He has your personality. I'll carry your blanket always and your memory on my heart.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I can't find a reason for this one. So I'm going to trust that it will all be explained to me someday. I don't think I need to tell U how much U mean to me, that's something that lives inside of us.

Trying to be friends was always too hard, but what was harder was not trying. I don't want to stop writing because I feel that somehow I would have to admit that I'm trying to say goodbye. Well I don't like goodbye's.

When does this terrible nightmare go away. How do I fix it. It means so much to me now to have seen you a few weeks ago I only wish I hadn't let you leave. If I could ask for one last thing it would be a hug.

Take care of yourself sweetheart. And try not to mess with us too much from up there, I can see the smirk already.

I love you now and forever.

TTFN Till I see you again,

Love Lisa

PS Since you like "p.s.s" so much, if I can't sleep, would you read me a story?

Anonymous said...

06/17/02 @ 10:32:09 PM

Chris, I love you more than the world!

Michael Wiebe, Uncle

Anonymous said...

06/17/02 @ 10:40:12 PM

Chris, you will always be my little buddy. I love you with all my heart. I slept in your room the other night and you still have things I gave you when you were a little boy. I can hear you say Uncle John. Watch over Jared. With all my love, Uncle John

John Wiebe, Uncle

Anonymous said...

06/19/02 @ 12:06:28 PM

Dear Chris,
What is there to say? Everyday I miss you Chris. Everyday it hurts, but with that pain comes something else, something I do not understand and maybe never will. The day I found out about the accident my life was changed forever. I am no longer the person I was. You touched my life in a way that no one ever has. Your smile, your mind, everything about you was special. I always knew in my heart that you were going to do something special one day, and maybe this was it You could never be ordinary but you were always extraordinary. The times we had together were times that could not be put into words.

Though many people did not know the depth of our relationship (with all it’s up and downs) I know we both knew it. How we would always joke around about getting married and having beautiful children one day. We were going to name our baby Nova, remember? Bright star.

Well, it has taken me a long time to be able to say all this without breaking down and crying and I think that means a lot. I have tried to accepted that this future is no longer possible. Everything happens for a reason, and this was one of those things. The universe must have different plans for us, what they are is the only question that remains. Chris, you were a wonderful person. Though at times we had our problems, we always worked through them. No matter how bad things got or how long we went without talking to each other fate would always bring us back together. That meant so much to me.

You have always been so special Chris. From kindergarten when you would always try to impress all the girls (and you did), to the times in high school when you never cared what people thought. You will always remain forever young in all of our minds.

When I am and old women one day I know I will look back and see my angle with his blonde curls and blue eyes staring down at me. I am no longer afraid of the unknown. You have given me that. When you left us you took a piece of all of us with you, but remember that you have done the same for us.

Every person you came in contact with has in some way taken a piece of you with them. Through that you will live forever. People will know who Christopher Haack was I promise you that. Love always, Kim Rest in peace my Love, till I see you again. keep smiling.

Kimberly Scodary,

Anonymous said...

06/30/02 @ 11:08:21 PM

Chris- you looked like a fun person. I pray that you are at peace. I know that you are greatly missed. Say Hi to my brother...

Valarie knaul, visitor

Anonymous said...

07/27/02 @ 09:46:44 PM

damn man, its been a few months scince you passed, and even more scince we saw each other..sept 01', to be precise. ill never forget the times we have each picked each other up on the side of the road stranded in need of a ride. you got my back...i got yours...Si crew forever!!! peace, kevin b.

kliffid kubota, Si crew family #11

Anonymous said...

07/28/02 @ 05:59:14 PM

I haven't been on your website in quite awhile.
I call Kathy, Randy, and Allison frequently, lets say more than I ever have. In my conversation with Kathy tonight she told me she was still busy writing out thank you cards. As hard as it is, this is something that is very important to them because of all the love from many for Chris, they want to do this.

Kathy also asked if I've been on the website recently and I said no. She said I should but I didn't want to tell her how hard it's been for me to do it.. I'm visiting it now and all I've done is cry. I think of Chris every day. I wear a St. Christopher's medal around my neck that the Haack family gave me and I will never take it off.

I have a drawer in my dresser that is dedicated to pictures of the obituary and any thing Chris. When ever I have a question about something, I ask Chris because I know he won't steer me wrong. Chris is laughter, a smile on your face, he's all heart, good will, love,

Chris is what you wish all life could be. Has he affected me? I don't know, you tell me!

Debbie Anson, Aunt

Anonymous said...

08/11/02 @ 09:55:23 PM

Chris, You and your family have been in my thoughts many times these past months. I've had the obituary, prayer, and mass cards on our Dining Room table. Whenever I pass by, it brings different thoughts: Why? How hard each day must be for your Mom, Dad, and Allison.

Please let Bryan and Keith be safe. We never know what is around the corner so I should try to make the most of my life. When I'm having a bad day and I see your picture, it puts things in perspective.

When we heard what happened to you, I found myself going through my pictures and looking for ones you were in from JFK. I found a few and thought back to those days and again found myself asking, Why? I also found myself smiling at the 6th grade Moving-Up Party pictures of you. When I go to the bank, I find myself remembering when I would see you riding your bike, skateboard, and then when you were older; your car. You would always stop and talk and tell me to say Hi to Bryan. You were very polite (what every parent wants to hear).

I'm always keeping my eye open for meaningful quotes. I have now added yours ("Don't worry about tomorrow, worry about today, or tomorrow will come and then you've missed a day") to my collection.

I enjoy taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises (I have to force myself to get up and out). When I see a really bright yellow sunset, I'll think of you and your "golden curly locks". You will always have a VERY SPECIAL place in my, Bryan, Keith, and Ken's hearts. Miss You, Marianne Prosek

Marianne Prosek, Friend's Mom

Anonymous said...

08/18/02 @ 02:11:38 AM

If it weren't for the whole Si crew, I would not have opened myself up to the comedic possibilities I had. It was an honor to be on stage with guys like Chris. I remember some days in rehersal where we would just stop a scene because none of us could stop laughing.

Chris, you never hurt a soul and even in your absence, I still find myself laughing at moments that run through my head. It was my honor to open up my senior play and dedicate the show to you, I attribute our success to your watching over us, and inspiring us.

Bill Reese, friend

Anonymous said...

08/27/02 @ 01:27:19 AM

Dear Chris , The thought of where to begin almost leaves me speechless . There is so much in my heart when I think of you . Your smile always cheered me up whenever I was down... I miss that smile . You really were like the little brother I never had . You were the most generous , caring , loving person I ever had the privilege of knowing . The imprint you have left on me will never fade .

I would be lying if I said one day had passed without thinking of you infinate times . I have a picture of you on my nightstand . You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day. There are so many things that remind me of you , a song , a game , a movie . I feel like your everywhere I turn .

I still have the valentine's day card that you made for us a few years ago . I'll never forgt your special knock , and there will always be a Hot Pocket in my freezer for you (ha-ha) .

I will always hold the times we shared together near . You just being you . I miss you more than words can accurately convey . I hope you know how much you mean to me now - then ...always . With all my heart , Laura

Laura Rizzo, Neighbor

Anonymous said...

09/01/02 @ 08:10:29 PM

I think about Chris often. I have had several dreams about him in which he always is smiling and being funny. I think he his visiting me. He was too special for this world.

Jeannette Sachs, tenth grade English teacher

Anonymous said...

09/10/02 @ 12:14:38 PM

Dear Christopher, Six months have passed and it has taken me this long to write this on your website. This long, partly because I still don't believe that you are gone and partly because I still believe that you are coming back. Six months, one would think is enough time to accept your passing, but each day brings new thoughts and memories to my mind of how and who you are. So maybe I'll someday really believe that you are no longer here on earth, but you will always be alive and well in my heart.

I hope that you can hear my prayers for I ask God each day to keep you safe in heaven. I know that you are making the angels laugh as you made us all laugh here on earth. You are the true Aquarian, and I am certain that you are inspiring a whole lot of creating in heaven which surely will mirror its reflection here on earth. Maybe that is why God needed you. I just have this feeling that you are shaking things up on the other side of the Pearly Gates.

So since you are an angel now, pray for us mortals who are still fumbling in this realm, Maybe you can help us get things right. I shall see you soon enough, but until then I love you Chris and I miss you more and more each day. Save me a big hug. Love Aunt Joan

Joan Lanteri, Aunt Joan

Anonymous said...

09/12/02 @ 10:45:51 AM

Dude, why did you leave so soon. I miss you so much!

Clell Hall, Best Friend

Anonymous said...

10/03/02 @ 09:12:23 PM

Chris, I know you didn't know me as well as you knew Justin; however, I can't express how much my family enjoyed having you around.

Justin has pictures of you, him and Mark all over his room. Everytime I see your picture or think of the impact you had on my brother I cry. When I saw you guys together I always saw a true sense of friendship. I'm glad Justin has a great friend in you. Watch over him!! He needs you!! (Si #32's Sister)

Michele Abbate-Brodtman, Friend/Justin's Sister

Anonymous said...

11/01/02 @ 01:09:17 AM

dude, Once. Once I thought a day would come in our old age. A day that had nothing in it except for you, me, two rocking chairs, and two big, fat smiles. We would sit back knowing we did it, that we lived, but above all, that we did it together. Who am I gonna sit with now? My life was you man. You were me and I was you. Everything that I did, we did. I feel alone without you.

Where are you man, I need you. People meet me and sometimes don’t understand how my outlook on life is so positive. They know I love living life, but they don’t understand where it’s coming from. They don’t understand because they never met you. You’re the reason man, you made me what I am today. I love life because of you. I remember the feeling we had. I know I will never forget it, because its inside me, that quench for life, it runs through me man.

We really lived didn’t we? Nothing was ever too tough, nothing too scary, no problem insurmountable, every moment was clear, and the future was easy to see. We did more in our short time together then many will ever do in their life. We learned more than many will ever learn, and we knew more back then then I will ever know again.

But what now? I cant see anything anymore, nothing is clear. Where are you man? How could you just leave me here? How could you go but not take me with you? I can’t understand it. We were supposed to do this life thing together. Remember? We, not me, not you, but me AND you. Live or die, we do it together. That was the point. I thought we understood that. Now I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m doing here, what I’m doing alive, and why I couldn’t leave this place with you. Cause I would’ve, and you know that.

I love you more than life. I had it in me for a while to try and join you wherever you are, not because I wanted to die, but because I wanted to be with you; I’ll yearn forever man, I know it. dude, I love you more than I can explain in this letter. I don’t even know why I am writing this, I only wanted to tell you I miss you, but before I knew it, a few simple words turned into a letter.

No words explain what we had, all I can say is that when I lost you, I lost myself. Its that simple. And I thought I would be lost forever when you died, but I find bits and pieces of myself again every time I think of you. Every memory of you makes me cry, but there is something more powerful behind those tears, and it’s a smile. You always made me laugh man. But every memory hurts.

I wish you were here. I wish you were here to laugh the days through with me again. God knows I need to laugh my way through these long dreary days. I want the days that were ours back again. The days when all we had was each other, out mountain bikes, and a million memories waiting for us in the days to come. But I know that there won’t be any new memories or stories. I know it, but I don’t want to. I’m really lost right now man. The only thing I know is that I have to live. I am not sure why, but something inside says “keep going.” And I figure that we always listened to the voice inside, the voice called instinct, I keep going, just like that voice says to do. I need to live. And I need to do it like we dreamt.

And just in case you were curious, the offer is still on the table, it’s still there, I’ll give you my life, my life is yours, I’ll give it for you. I love you man, more than I love life, more than I love myself. But I guess if there is any point in all this, then it is that we have to live. So I think I’m going to go and do this life thing, I hope to see you in the end. Until then, I’m here to live and love the way you taught me: for every single fucking day. Shit, one of us should do it.

Love, Shaun P.S - get this man, so you knocked out a 1/2 tooth, well, thats nothing. once again, i am THE MAN. i knocked out almost five teeth. i thought you might like that.

P.P.S - later dude, do me a favor and visit me in my dreams, i need a hug.

shaun errichiello, undefined bro

Anonymous said...

04/17/03 @ 02:12:51 PM

Chris I miss you so much brother. With everyday it gets harder to rationalize this messed up life we lead. Why are the ones we love most taken from us first? I hate this life, its lessons and its rhyme without reason.

I know there will come a day of enlightenment, a time when all is explained and made clear, and a time when you are once again reunited with your family and friends. Know this, until that day comes all who know you love you and would gladly sacrifice there live for yours.

I miss you Chris and I hope that you now watch over your family to help give them peace of heart, mind, body and sole. So peace for now bro, and one day we will meet again.

Matthew Marcus, Cousin

Anonymous said...

04/22/03 @ 08:41:23 AM

There are questions before birth and before death. Before a baby is born, a mother might ask, “I wonder if my baby will live a plentiful life?” Of course, mothers only wish the best on their children, so they would say, “sure they can.”

When the day of death is near in an old man’s life, with no one else around, he must ask himself a question, “did I live a full life?” I believe that heaven is waiting for me, and when my time is up I will gladly go, but in between birth and death I will live every second of life, so that I can say I have lived a full life. I probably wouldn’t have thought this if it weren’t for Chris Haack.

I am writing this exactly one year from his death. Chris was my best friend. No person on this earth could ever replace him.

Since the day of the horrific news, I started to think about his life. I did not think of what his life meant. I thought about how he lived his life. This is something people that knew him haven’t thought of. Most would say that at the age of 19 he couldn’t have possibly lived a full life. You may be right;

Chris’s life was shortened unwillingly. But, this is not to say that Chris didn’t live and breathe every minute and every second that he was on this earth. If you looked at the world from Chris’s eyes you may get a glimpse of what he saw. I think many would be shocked. I have spent this past year trying to look through the eyes of Chris and I have come to find that to Chris living life was more important then winning the lotto or what drama was created by the people around him. Life was to be lived. That was his goal.

Everyone, including me, is conditioned to think about their future and is told how they should live their life. Many are told that college is the next destination after high school. Some are told that college isn’t for them, and that working would better suit them. Most people follow this, because it is the only way they know.

Chris had a different outlook on life. He wasn’t going to follow the way of others; he was going to find his own way.

There is a song that in my opinion, describes what I mean perfectly. The song is “THE MEANING OF LIFE”, by The Offspring. This will give a glimpse of what live was like in Chris’s eyes. It’s not the music that makes me feel this way; it’s the words in the song, and the message it conveys. The words are as follows: Offspring Lyrics " The Meaning Of Life "
On the way
Trying to get where I'd like to say
I'm always feeling steered away
By someone trying to tell me
What to say and do
I don't want it
I gotta go find my own way
I gotta go make my own mistakes
Sorry man for feeling
Feeling the way I do

Oh yeah, Oh yeah
Open wide and they'll shove in
Their meaning of life
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
But not for me I'll do it on my own
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
Open wide and swallow their meaning of life
I can't make it work your way
Thanks but no thanks

By the way
I know your path has been tried and so
It may seem like the way to go
Me, I'd rather be found
Trying something new
And the bottom line
In all of this seems to say
There's no right and wrong way
Sorry if I don't feel like
Living the way you do

The message in this song is to make your own path. Take the path less traveled and see where it leads you. I believe Chris took this path and tried to follow it. Unfortunately it ended before he finished it, but while he was on it he grasped life by the throat and told life where he was going to go. Not many people are willing to just get up and grab life by the throat. Most people are just willing to let life lead then willingly or unwillingly to a life that may not be as plentiful as it could be.

There isn’t much time on this earth, every second wasted is gone forever. Everyone should take advantage of it while they are still alive. As Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and awhile you could miss it.”

I could tell you how to live life, but that is something people have to figure out on their own.

Clell Hall, Friend

Anonymous said...

02/06/04 @ 08:26:47 PM

Wassup Bro, Just wanted to say hello to you today.

Matthew Marcus, Cuz

Anonymous said...

02/29/04 @ 10:54:43 PM

Although I never had the chance to formally meet Chris, I feel as though I know him. This is so because of this glorious web site. I thank you for sharing. I will do whatever I can to support this cause. And, I do believe that there is a bright star in Heaven, smiling down on us. Much love.

Trish Bartkewicz, Friend of Mom

Anonymous said...

03/18/04 @ 11:59:17 PM

Chris, I love you with all my heart. I think of you every day.

Jared looks just like you, I wish to God you could have met your cousin. He acts just like you. Today he put hand lotion all over the dog.

Christopher, I think of all the times we played ball, you always calling for uncle John.

I miss you so much, a piece of me died when you... I hurt so much inside. You will always be my little buddy. Love, Uncle John


Anonymous said...

03/27/04 @ 06:37:17 PM

Chris, you're not with us two years now. I only wish I had shared a little more of my own experiences with you, however you would of thought of it as preaching.

You're with my little girl now. You were such a beautiful free spirit with a wild sense of adventure and loved Al Green too.

Take care of my little girl until I can see her and I'm sure you're looking down on us telling us you're in such a better place. Love, Barbara

Barbara Piranio, Dad's first cousin

Anonymous said...

04/14/04 @ 11:39:34 AM

Favorite Season
My favorite season is fall.
I also think it is the prettiest season
of them all.
In the fall most plants die
but it's also like a regeneration starts.
The leaves turn to pretty colors,
maybe thats natures way of telling us
that death isn't such a bad thing.

Christopher Haack, poetry

Anonymous said...

02/15/05 @ 11:42:05 AM

Chris, February is your birthday month and you have been so much on my mind, even more than other times. Still miss you, still seems like yesterday when I last spoke with you, still can't believe your departure from this earth.

There sure is a black hole here now where you once brought so much life and light into this world. My heart is so heavy with sadness as I am sure all of the souls that you have touched are as heavy.

Just so you know, I smile when I think of you and how original of a mind you are. Please greet me if I get to heaven, as I know that you are there waiting for all of us.

I ask God every day that you be in his protection in heaven. Happy Birthday Chris Love Aunt Joan

Joan Lanteri, Aunt

Anonymous said...

04/17/05 @ 07:22:33 PM

I keep a look out on the horizon for your return, half expecting you to be riding the next wave home. I have found our home in places and moments like these. I closed my eyes to hope that the part of you that lives inside of me could see the night. Then I realized that in life it was you who had taught me to see the night.

People say "I'll never see you again," I see you. I see you in my dreams, I see you in my heart, I see you in the photo albums, I see you in me. Sometimes I see you around every corner. Sometimes I feel you. Sometimes I hear you. A little bit of faith in the impossible, something you taught me, allows me to see you everyday.

I want to remember you for the way you picked out your shoes, the way you wore your hair, for the different smiles you had, for the things that made you laugh, for the things that made me laugh.

Somebody told me that dogs fill a void in your heart no human can understand. I have two puppies now, Skyy and Kola. You know...I think it is the unconditional innocent love...

Miss you -Phuls

P.S. I wrote this a while ago, thought you might like it
Chris, I will never see you walk through a crowded room,
feel your peaceful embrace,
watch your golden curls glisten in the sunlight
nor catch the warmth of your kind blue eyes again. Forever, my heart and soul
remain inspired by the moments we have shared Each time I hear the crashing waves of the ocean
or watch the dance of a dragon fly,
I feel your presence.

Rest Peacefully, my beloved angel knowing that you will remain alive in my heart with the eternal memory of your beautiful face imprinted in my mind.

P.P.S. Love you

Lisa Glatzer, Phuls

Anonymous said...

04/30/06 @ 09:24:24 PM

Happy Anniversary in heaven Christopher...
Love you
cousin Barbara

barbara piranio, cousin

Anonymous said...

08/28/06 @ 08:08:07 PM

I still hear you and see you in my dreams all the time. You left a hole in the world and it can't ever be filled. I hope to see you and laugh with you again in the "afterlife" Chris. Until then, thanks for visiting me so often...

jeannette sachs, english teacher, 10th grade

Anonymous said...

12/18/06 @ 12:45:27 AM

Just thinking of you...I miss you so much

Laura Rizzo, Neighbor

Christopher's Dad said...

Christopher - Not a day goes by that your mom and I don't think about you.

We are lonely and without purpose in your absence. To have grandchildren who will never know you is heartbreaking.

Perhaps the saddest thing of all is having to watch Allison carry on without a sibling - her brother.

And yet, through the darkness, we know that one day all of us will be together...somewhere...someplace.

Keep the porchlight burning,
Love Dad

Kathy Haack said...

I like the new look. Hopefully more people will visit. Christopher's birthday is around the corner, February 8th. We are also looking forward to increasing our efforts to pass the Ignition Interlock Bill into a law.

Shaun said...

Chris taught me so much...

One of our favorite things to do was race mountain bikes - there is no way to completely describe the impact that riding has had on my life, but whenever I teach someone about riding I think of Chris. Whenever I fix someone's bike or race someone in Central Park - I think of Chris. In fact, I am going to ride right now and I am sure that I will think of Chris.

He changed my life.


Unknown said...

Hello Chris, I miss you. How's my little buddy doing? It's a bright sunny day today and I'm going to play ball with Jared and Katie - please stop by and see your cousins. Jared is so much like you as is Katie. I wish they got to meet you. Please know I talk about you all the time and they love you and ask about you all the time. Love Uncle John

Kathy Haack said...

I love you, Christopher.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kathy Haack said...

Happy Birthday Christopher. I Love You. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Love you